Gin City Aussies

Frequently Asked Questions

This is somewhat if a trick question. All dogs (even pure poodles) shed. And all dogs will shed their puppy coat as they mature. But, in general F1 (first generation) may shed, some will be more than others but in general much less than the average fur coated dog. Australian Shepherds will shed, but with consistent brushing and grooming can be manageable.

Our deposits are $300-$500 and can be paid via PayPal, Facebook pay, or Walmart to Walmart. Our deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE after the puppy is over 2 weeks of age. Though it is non-refundable it can be transferred to a future litter.

We currently aren’t allowing visitors to our home. This is for the safety of our pets, our family and our home. We do however offer Video Chatting via Facebook or Facetime and plenty of pictures and videos of your pup! We also have multiple references and vet reference.

Puppies need to be at least 8 weeks old before leaving. On some occasions we will hold a puppy longer than 8 weeks if we feel they need longer with momma.

Our puppies come with a one year genetic health guarantee, health certificate completed by our vet, shot/deworming records, sample baggie of food.

We do not typically register our doodles as they are sold as PET ONLY with a spay/neuter contract.  We do have registered litters occasionally of doodles (CKC) or (Akc) Poodles or Australian Shepherds. Papers maybe available to select homes at an additional cost.

We do NOT guarantee eye color or coat. Though we may have a good idea at times there is no way to be totally sure at such a young age.

Though we do work very hard to socialize and start puppies on basic training and house breaking –at 3 weeks old we introduce a litter pan, then at 6 weeks we move them to the puppy room and start working in the doggy door– we do not guarantee training. A few reasons being they are babies that are still growing and will only be able to hold their bladder for so long and their attention the same. Also, the stress of leaving mom and siblings and put into a new environment can be very stressful and may take weeks to adjust.

House-training is all about schedule! First thing in the morning pick your puppy up and straight outside to potty. Come in, feed/water then right back out to potty. Anytime they wake up from a nap or stop playing and start sniffing around-you got it- straight outside to potty. 3 hours before bedtime pick-up food/water, then just before bed take puppy out one last time before lights out. If your puppy wakes up in the middle of the night, go straight outside, no fuss or excitement let them potty then back to bed. If you are crating at night, the first week will be that hardest! You HAVE TO LET THEM CRY. I know, its sad and loud but, they WILL adjust. Once they are quiet for more than about 2 hours if they   wake  take them outside (no fuss or excitement) then back in the crate until the morning. With this being said, keep in mind these are BABIES, so they may not be able to hold it all night for a few months, but if you stay consistent you will have a well trained pup.

Collar – first collar should be just a cheap adjustable nylon as puppies do grow quick and will get it dirty etc.

Leash- NEVER use a retractable leash. This can be very harmful to the dog and the people around along with teaching bad manners. They keep a constant pull on the collar which teaches your puppy the bad habit of pulling.

Harnesses- though not all harnesses are bad, sometimes they can be more harm than good. They can rub and cause matting or irritation on the skin, they can also be escaped much easier than a collar.

Crate- size wise for your puppy just ask what we recommend and we will do our best to pick the correct size

Bowls- food and water dish of your choice

Bed- Best to find a machine washable bed but don’t be surprised if they choose nice cool tile or hardwoods to lay in rather than a bed

Food- we raise our puppies on Diamond puppy food

Treats- we recommend waiting to buy/use treats for at least a month to allow your puppy to get settled, sometimes introducing treats in while transitioning can cause upset tummy

Toys- toys are very important! Be sure to get multiple toys with many textures and puzzle toys if possible as this will help with teething and boredom.

Comb/brush- a metal tooth comb will be the very best option and follow with a slicker brush.

Shampoo- regular baby shampoo does great

We feed Diamond Puppy food (purple bag) and it can be bought at Tractor Supply Company or **NOTE** Please do NOT feed grain free food. Grain free food has been linked to causing heart, kidney, and liver issues often leading to premature death. Unless your dog is specifically allergic to grain please steer clear of it. If possible feed your puppy 3 times a day but if not at least once in the morning and again in the evening.

Combing your dog daily is best. Use a metal tooth comb to get all the way to the skin and comb outward. The more you comb the longer you can keep the coat. Bathing should be done no more than every other week as so you don’t dry out the puppies coat/skin. We begin to work on grooming with your puppy including nails, bath, blow dry and brushing and if continued your puppies first professional grooming should go quite smoothly. Grooming should be done (depending on coat type) every 4-6 weeks. With Australian Shepherds please do NOT shave their coat. They are a double coated breed and this can do damage to their coat.