Gin City Aussies


Here are some handy tips and information about taking care of your new Aussie.


If you stop and let your puppy out on the way home use a hand sanitizer to clean his paws so he has less chance of picking up Parvo.

Your puppy will have had at least one 5-way puppy shot. Normally the puppy vaccination is given at 6 weeks. He will be due for another at 9 weeks, then again at 12 weeks. Follow your vet’s program on vaccinations. We will give you a vaccination and worming record to take to your vet.

All puppies can be microchipped on request.

We will give you some puppy food that your puppy is eating to transition over to what you would like to feed.

PLEASE, PLEASE feed your puppy a high quality puppy food. You will reap the benefits from this act in years to come.

At Home

Baby proof your house. Puppies can and will get into everything. We suggest that you crate train your puppy. They are safer in a crate and more comfortable in their ‘CAVE’ when you cannot give them your full attention.  

Do NOT give your puppy any stuffed toys, he can tear the stuffing out and digest it, which could mean an emergency trip to the vet!

Crate Training

Buy a crate that is for a medium to large dog so your puppy can have plenty of room when it is older. You may choose not to keep your puppy in the crate once he is house trained, but the crate may come in handy for travel.

When you first get your new puppy home, he may whine while in the crate. DO NOT take him out of his crate until he quiets down, or he will be training you! The first few nights you may 
want to take your puppy outside to relieve itself during the night. Eventually, the puppy will be able to go all night long without having to go out.


Follow the directions on the food for feeding amounts. Puppies and dogs can be given pumpkin to help correct the consistency of their stool. Peas and carrots (fresh or frozen–thawed) are also a great treat as well as plain organic yogurt.

You can web search natural treats for dogs as well as food that will harm them. Five minutes after feeding the puppy will have to go out. You should give him enough time to play and relieve himself.

Puppies drink a lot of water and they pee immediately. This is normal, puppies have small bladders and it will take to about 12 weeks old before they can gain control.


Puppies like to play. Aussies especially have to have the right exercise. That means a job or a set play time.

Be careful about running your puppy on slippery floors or asking it to go up too many stairs. This may cause hip and elbow issues later in life. Running on natural surfaces is what an Aussies was meant to do.

Playing mind exercises like hide and seek for toys or treats is an excellent way to engage your pups mind. They also make some wonderful puzzle toys for dogs.

Fetch is also a great exercise for your pup or dog and you can do this while sitting down.

When sleeping or resting puppies tend to breath rapidly, this is normal.


All you need to know about grooming your Aussie:  AUSSIE GROOMING

Please DO NOT shave your Aussie. Their thick coat actually protects them from not only cold, but also summer heat.